Clothing Manufacturers in Vietnam gives a wide varieties of clothes to the people who thinks there are enough of Zara, Mango H&M experiences in their life to explore enough of local favorites on the streets of Vietnam can get there a spark in their wardrobe, a list of Clothes Manufacturers in Vietnam:

  • 1. MUK Ltd. – MUK Ltd. Vietnam manufacture clothes for ladies from last six years with many qualities which is why customer is liking their products MUK Ltd offers customer service in the most affordable price using high quality of fabric for their clothes. They are one of the best apparel manufacturers in vietnam they have their own sample room in Vietnam where they develop their existing and new designs.
  • 2. Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory - In the starting Thai Son they were the manufacturer of leather jackets and down jackets now in present time company make clothes for men, women and children’s with their signature knitted fabrics only embroiders is outsourced all the process of clothes making are been done in the house. Their production team produce more than 200,000 units of clothes in a month. Thai Son SP exports clothes in the countries like UK, Australia, Russia, America, France, Poland and France in believes in enhancing their relationship with their Clients. Thai Son SP is an SA8000 and BSCI certified firm.
  • 3. Dong Nai Industrial Garment Company (DNIGC) - This apparel manufacture company was started in 1987 and their main products are jackets, casual wear, sportswear, but they mainly manufacture jackets for men and women for their customers in EU, Russia, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong markets.
  • 4. March 29 Textile Garment Joint Stock Company (Hachiba)- It is a main exporter of apparel and towel products, they produce 8 million garments and 1,000 tons of towel products each year. Their main export market is US, EU and Japan.

Apparel manufacturing in Vietnam is divided into groups group 1 is CM or Fab manufacturers and group 2 is Knit or Woven fabric apparel manufacturers group 3 is garment apparel manufacturers in vietnam, first in the group 1st CM or FOB but first understand what is the meaning of CM or FOB CM stands for cut and make these factories provide labor to sew garments together these factories has less knowledge about sourcing fabric basically they are only responsible for the labor for the making of any garment. FOB is stand for Free on Board which means factory purchases all the fabric and other important things and then sews the garment together.

Apparel manufacture in Vietnam by Fabric – There are two types of fabric which are woven fabric and knit fabric, garments manufacture in Vietnam are been either by knit or woven fabric but not both only 1% of factories can produce garments using both the fabrics. There are three types of knit factories the first is circular knit second one is sweater knit or flat knit factories and the third one is wrap knit.

Apparel manufacture in Vietnam by Garment Category- Apparel manufacturers are grouped by the types of garments they are specialized in one product factory will be different then different product. Sewers tend to be specialized in particular type of garment style, fabric handles differently under the machines. Minimum Wage in Vietnam – The minimum salary is divided on the basis of area - Region 1 has a range of $ 170 to $180, Region 2- $152 - $ 159, Region 3- $133 to $ 140, Region 4 - $118 to $125 and Indian market is also a big place of clothes manufacture in the world after agriculture textile industry in India holds the second place which involves many small scale apparel making industries and there are many government policies which support these industry as it generates nearly 21 % of the employment for the country and 27% of the foreign exchange is generated from the export of textile industry products.

Many companies are emerging in the field of apparel production and one of the these organizations name of OxymCafts which has emerged it is one of the most trust worthy company as it has beautiful collection of ladies wear which is been appreciated very much, the quality of the raw materials used by OxymCraft are of very good quality and they are precise in the requirements of their client with their perfection in apparel industry which has helped them to associate with the big names in India like Reliance, BIBA and many other name are in the line. With the team of expert in their visions and qualities they have become one of the best makers of ladies trendy appeals, Mrs Namrata one of the four directors who is a trained textile designer has an in house design and sampling department always focuses on training and up grading their staff with the latest trends of styles. Coming to the commitment to the work OxymCraft always gives on time delivery for any small or bulk orders they have an environment friendly.

Company is based on the win philosophy company is catering the needs of their customer’s need in a very professional way The apparel made by the OxymCraft is setting trendy marks in the work wear for women in India and abroad made up of organic cotton, homemade cotton, power loom/ auto loom cotton, Rayon, Linen and silk. After getting hold in the Indian market OxymCraft is now focusing in the international market their traditional of banquet of traditional outfits to the modern wears.