Who We Are

About Us

Oxym Crafts is a leading name among clothes manufacturers in India. We are partners to leading apparel brands to which we provide end-to-end solutions (concept to finished garments) as per their requirements and preferences. Our company started off as a small unit from where we have soared new heights with time. The brainchild of Ms. Anu, Mr. Akshay and Ms. Namrata, Oxym Crafts has revolutionized the garment industry in India since 2011, by bringing a variety of fabrics, prints and contemporary designs into the market.

Our Leaders

An initiative started by Mr. Akshay, Ms. Anu and Ms. Namrata, Oxym Crafts is an idea that was always meant to capture the Indian garment industry.

Our Director, Ms. Namrata is a trained fashion and textile designer. She is a driving force in our team bringing constant innovation in terms of fabric and contemporary designs. She has a special interest in printing and weaving which has brought a whole new dimension in our products, with respect to design and exclusivity, both contemporary and traditional, suited to meet modern sensibilities.

Ms. Anu has an aesthetic eye & with an impeccable knowledge and experience in the business, she has been a strong pillar of the organization since its inception.

Mr. Akshay has an immense experience in the business, He comes from a multidisciplanary background and has a holistic view of the complete supply chain. He is a strong leader of our company, taking it forward at every step.

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Our Philosophy

Our company is based on Win-Win-Win philosophy. We strive to deliver high-quality apparels, implement design-driven ideas, build trust and gratify customers time and again. Our work-fashion is highly data-driven. We cater to customer needs based on their preferences. We have a team dedicated towards market research so that we can synchronize our designs with client preferences.

Our Expertise

We specialize in manufacturing women apparels and have been among the pioneers in introducing the traditional work attire for women. We specialize in garments made of organic cotton, handmade cotton, powerloom/autoloom cotton, Rayons, Linens and silk.

As we have grown we have been expanding our customer base from domestic to export buyers and our product bouquet from traditional to western outfits.