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Oxym Crafts is one of the best Clothing manufacturer & exporter in India which has grown very fast since its inception. It started off as a small unit with a team of 2 tailors and 1 master. We have only exceeded in our operations since then. We had our first factory near Dwarka in Sitapuri area. Now we operate from Gurgaon with a fully compliant factory with a target to enter the export market and expand our geographical boundaries. We thank our partners who helped us in becoming what we are today. They not only supported us as our customers but also guided us all throughout. One of our buyers from Reliance, Ms. Manali Huja has always encouraged us with her kind words and support. She had once called us only to mention that she was thrilled to see our performance. It is these words of encouragement that serve as fuel for our work and help us to keep moving forward with enthusiasm. Another noteworthy client of ours, Shri Ram Sir, also from Reliance, has always been our constant support with his support and motivation.

Our Team

Our team is divided into the following 3 teams headed by their respective team heads:

  • 1. Design team
  • 2. Production team
  • 3. Data team
Readymade garment manufacturers in India

Design team

The design team is headed by Ms. Namrata. She holds a degree in Fashion and Textile Designing from Pearl Academy of Fashion. She constantly brings in new ideas and innovations to the team in terms of fabrics and contemporary designs. We also come up with brilliant traditional designs that blend well with modern sensibilities. The design team constantly brainstorms on various aspects of printing and design in order to come up with the best products that we offer.

The major points of discussion are:

  • 1. Printing techniques
  • 2. Choice of fabrics
  • 3. Blending of different fabrics

The design team mainly focuses on product development. It focuses on developing garment designs as per the latest trend and buyer preferences. The team also consists of a Printing Assistant who is engaged in handling the printing of textiles. Additionally, we also have 2 CAD Designers for assisting in generating computer-based textile and garment designs. We take pride in the specialty of our design team which is unmatchable in terms of quality. Our forte lies in:

  • 1. Printing
  • 2. Shifli
  • 3. Embroideries
  • 4. Innovative silhouettes
  • 5. Innovative fabrics

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