We understand the importance of excellent yet stylish and modern uniforms that add to your company’s brand value. We consider various factors such as fabric quality, longevity, and comfort of the workers while manufacturing uniforms for different setups.

Corporate Uniform

Corporate uniforms need to be professional and practical. At Oxym Crafts, we manufacture clothing that employees will be comfortable in. This, in turn, boosts their productivity and facilitates the growth of the company.

Hotel Uniform

Hotel uniforms should have a logo and be highly durable. At Oxym Crafts, we offer different colour options for hotel uniforms and can work with different patterns to best represent your brand.

Moreover, we prioritize product and service quality, which is why we have become the top pick for many hotel startups.

Hospital Uniform

We pay special attention to hospital uniforms, as we understand the constraints of the industry. Our clothing is manufactured following all health and safety practices and keeping the comfort of hospital staff in mind.