Thinking of sourcing the right Garment for your brand or boutique? But don't know where to start or how to go about it? Here's a few sets of tips that might help you to get the right Garment, at the right price and that too of a great quality.

1) Know your market

Market research is the first step for any successful business or personal venture. Without market research, you're going to miss out on resourceful entities in the apparel industry. From good suppliers to companies and competitors being aware of the market is quite necessary.

The Internet, word of mouth & garment trade network circles are some of the ways to learn about the trends, appropriate location, target audience & the best garment manufacturers in India & abroad.

2) Know your garment needs

Once your Market research is done, set the record straight on what you expect from a good garment manufacturer, what kind of quality, colour & designs will work the best for you, and also the scale of production and quantity required. There is an infinite type of fabric in the market, questions should arise like which fabric are you looking for? What is the best place to get that garment manufacturer? All these questions should be answered to get the garment that's best suitable for your business. Once you know what kind of garment you want, you can look for the best readymade garment manufacturers and exporters in India accordingly and approach them directly.

3) Networking

Networking works wonders, especially in today's digital world. We live in a global village and can get a variety of fabrics and garments from around the world. All you need to know is the right set of people, the more you know, the merrier it gets. Places like Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn have made it possible for us to connect with the right people/companies, Garment Manufacturers & Exporters in India. With this, you can connect with not only the best clothing manufacturers in India but also abroad. You can check out the services they provide & do the price negotiations online. Shipping the first set of garments to know the quality is also a good option.
Different countries have a different set of prices and their standards & speciality in production also varies. So our suggestion would be to network more to get the best garment exporters in India within your budget.

4) Attend online and offline trade shows

Trade shows can act as a direct way for you to come across a variety of garments and fabrics, here you will interact with people with similar ideas, values and standards when it comes to garments. You get to see garments live and can enquire further about the quality and rate of the garments presented. Here you get to know more about style, design, quality, price and also get to know the insights from the apparel industry to a far greater extent.

5) Think like a consumer. What would you want?

When we say "Think like a consumer" it seems simple but goes a long way. Being in the shoes of your customer will help you to source the best garments manufacturer in India. Because then you will know what to best expect from a garment exporter in India at a set price. Once the need for the best quality garments gets in your mind, your expectations while sourcing a garment increase, and you wouldn't compromise easily. The world is our market, so buying and selling from any place can be done with ease. Understand and think like a customer, and once you know their garment issues, you will look for the solutions while sourcing your garment. Think about how you'd like it and the people around you!

For example: What trends do they talk about? or What would they like to wear in the said climate or season? A sprinkle of empathy and awareness for the customer base can help you source a great set of garments.

These are a few to-do's that you can follow to get the right Garment for your business. As clothing manufacturers around the world will provide a variety of fabrics & garments, but at the end of the day it's about how smartly you choose!